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Sign and Go - Make it Legal Package

In NH there is no requirement for a full ceremony. As long as you have obtained your marriage license you can meet with me at a place of your choosing and simply make your wedding legal. 

When we meet, I will review your license or identification. If everything looks good, then I will ask you what your intentions are. If you both express your intentions to get married, I will then complete your license and pronounce you married. Once I leave, I will immediately forward your completed license to the issuing Town Clerk either in hand or by certified mail. 

Fee: Within 50 miles of my residence $100.00

Further travel can be discussed I service all of Southern NH


Full Wedding Ceremony Package

Your full wedding ceremony starts with an initial consultation to get to know one another and talk about who you are, how you met and what you are looking for in your perfect ceremony. Once your retainer is paid, I will work with you to develop a wedding script that you will have final review and approval of. This also includes unlimited calls, texts, emails, messaging up till the day of your ceremony. This is your day and your ceremony and I want you to be happy with how the day flows. There is no limit on guests and in NH you are not required to have witnesses. Once the ceremony is complete and I pronounce you married I will complete the marriage license and return it to the issuing town clerk as soon as possible. This will either be in person or by certified mail the next business day. 

It is your responsibility to obtain your marriage license prior to the ceremony. If you are getting married in NH then you can go to any Town Clerks Office with your valid identification and birth certificate. There are some other requirements in the event you have been previously married, and we can discuss that in our first meeting.

Fee: Within 50 miles of my residence $275.00 

$75.00 retainer to secure your date included in this fee

Further travel can be discussed I service all of NH and am available in MA and ME


I am available to do weddings in Maine, and Massachusetts. Weddings in these states will incur additional fees that will be discussed in an initial consultation. 


As a resident of NH, I am required to apply for a 1-day permit to perform a ceremony in Mass. This takes an average of 2 weeks for approval and will not increase the posted fee if within 50 miles of my residence. This would be the area surrounding Winchendon Ma. 


As an Ordained Minister I can legally perform marriages in Maine, and I have. There is no registration requirement for me but there is an increased cost due to mileage. If you want me for your rehearsal and your wedding this may incur an overnight accommodation fee also. I will do everything I can to reduce any additional fees and will discuss everything in our first consultation 

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