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The Packages listed below are prices based on a ceremony performed within 25 miles of my residence in Rindge, NH. Additional costs that could effect the final price could be mileage above and beyond the first 25 miles. Currently my mileage fee is .50 cents per mile and the IRS standard is .65 cents per mile. If you event requires me to stay overnight due to the distance 50% of the accommodations will be added to these fees.  All prices will be determined during our first meeting.  Any changes after our initial meeting could also affect the price. 

If you are thinking of having a Sand Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Unity Ceremony or any ceremony you would like I can help you design and officiate the perfect ceremony. I love doing themed weddings and am always open to a new challenge. These themed weddings may result in additional charges then outlined below but that will be something we can discuss during our planning. Any props for Unity/Blending ceremonies are at the couple's expense. 

Just make it legal

In New Hampshire you are not required to have a wedding ceremony for a legal wedding. You are required to obtain a Marriage License from any Town or City Clerk and have that signed but a Justice of the Peace, Minister or someone that can legally Officiate a marriage in NH. 

With this package I will meet with you and verify that you have a valid license, and ask you for your intentions. I will then complete your license and return it to the issuing agency. 


Additional fees, such as mileage will be discussed and included

in the final price. 

Full Wedding Ceremony

A full ceremony includes the first meet and greet to discuss what your thoughts and expectations are for your ceremony. This meeting will give us both a chance to get to know each other and to see if I am the right fit for what you want. 

 After the initial meeting I will work with you to build a ceremony with you in mind and to make it unique for you.

I will send the ceremony drafts to you for final review and approval. This is your wedding and your ceremony should reflect that.  

This package also includes me assisting with your rehearsal. 

1 hour rehearsal

1 hour for ceremony


Additional fees for mileage will be discussed

at initial meeting


An Elopement package includes an initial meeting to discuss what your thoughts and expectations are for the ceremony. The ceremony will be a prewritten script that is adjusted to add personal touches to make it unique to you.   Your ceremony can be at any venue or location you choose. 



Additional fees such as mileage will be discussed and included

in the final price. 

Out of State Weddings:   I am available to Officiate weddings in Maine and Massachusetts. Weddings in these states may incur additional costs due to Registration or travel requirements. 

Massachusetts: As a NH Resident I am required to apply for a 1 day permit to Officiate a ceremony in Mass. This takes on average 2 weeks and the fee for this registration is included in your fee. 

Maine: As an Ordained Minister I can Officiate your Maine ceremony. There is no Registration costs but there is a Mileage cost. If you want me to attend your rehearsal and your wedding there may be a cost for overnight accommodations. I do everything I can to minimize these fees and will disclose everything at our initial meeting. 


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