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Testimonials and Reviews 


Please click the email link above to send me a review. If you would share a picture of your special day you can attach it to the same email. I would appreciate any feedback. Your review and photo will be uploaded as soon as I get it. Thank you 

Al was fabulous! He filled in when our previous officiant got COVID. The whole ceremony was beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! He made sure our marriage license was taken care of and that everything was squared away! Over all I would recommend Al to anyone!

Seth & Alexis

Al did our wedding this past summer in Meredith, NH. He was funny, personable and got along with everyone in our families. Additionally, he drove over 2 hours Friday night for the rehearsal and again on Saturday afternoon for the wedding. Highly recommend Al, couldn’t have asked for a more professional officiant.

Michael & Julie


Al was absolutely incredible! With very little lead time, he quickly became a critical member of our wedding planning crew and having him there felt like family. Excellent communication, heartfelt support and genuine kindness. Cannot recommend him enough!!.

Amie & Joshua


Al did a great job! He took the time to make sure our ceremony was exactly what we wanted. Al was great at communicating and made sure we were prepared for our special day.

Rachel & Nick


Brandon and Kimberly 08/2017

Hello Al!

Sorry this has taken so long to get to you, cleaning up the wedding

aftermath has been a daunting process. I'm happy to tell you we were really pleased with your services! You were so professional from start to finish. We appreciated your help with getting things going after the first meeting, and all the information you provided us with in preparation for our big day.

You were the perfect JP for us! You listened to what we had to say and

created a ceremony that really represented our love for each other. During the ceremony, we felt comforted by your presence and the delivery was phenomenal; You confidently spoke the words that orchestrated the joining of two hearts. Your support after the wedding has been great. I have been using the guide to changing my last name that you provided, and it has proven to be helpful. We want to thank you for promptly filing the marriage license. The entire process was made so easy by you.

We want to thank you and Becky for your support and participation in our marriage. It was great to have both of you!!


Kimberly & Brandon Hautanen

Kevin and Katie 12/01/2017


When you need a justice of the peace please call Albert St Aubin he did my wedding and he was amazing and it was a beautiful Reception

Anita Parker-Dumas

Wanted to thank Albert St Aubin for a beautiful wedding ceremony he had done for my son Kevin St. Aubin and Katie St. Aubin and it was a pleasure to meet Becky and I hope you the best. Thank you both for everything

Tyler & Lucille 09/28/19

Luci and I were of course very happy with your service and grateful for your flexibility and understanding of our wants and needs for how we wanted the ceremony to be. You were able to help last minute, and correspondence and communication was quick and easy. Thank you again for your service.

Jamie and Amanda 09/28/19

Al was amazing and made everything go smoothly. My husband and I aren’t the ones to be center of attention but he made it easier for the both of us to stand up in front of everyone. Also, thank you so much for working with us on a short period of time. I would most definitely refer Al to anyone that’s in need of a JP. He stays in contact and makes sure he answers any questions that you may have. I promise you won’t be disappointed with his services! Thank you again, we can’t thank you enough!!!

Love, Mrs. and Mr. Fagnant

Beverly & Norman 10/12/19


Al was great to work with - he listened to what we wanted and offered suggestions when we didn't know what we wanted. He came to our home to get to know us and was always responsive and on time. Many at our small wedding said he did a wonderful job. We agree!

Beverly and Norman

Amanda & Ryan 10/13/19


When we first met Al he was kind enough to drive an hour out of his way to meet us. He was so easy to get along with, chatting about dogs and his own recent wedding. He was also kind enough to buy me a coffee. As we got into the details of our wedding Al was very professional and had everything laid out for us, even information on changing your name after the marriage. I believe he went above and beyond when writing our ceremony. I was nervous it would be too “generic” or not personal enough. When reading his work I was pleased to feel it was neither. It was personalized and edited to our liking which we worked closely with him to finalize. Al also provided many samples of his work to give us an idea of our options when developing our own intimate ceremony. We chose not to say our own vows which worked out wonderfully and we added a specialized excerpt for the ring exchange as well. Our ceremony was performed without a hitch. I knew I could trust Al from day one and he proved this to me on our wedding day. He even had a tissue for my tears! What an amazing day with the help from an amazing man.

All of our love,

The Oldfield’s 

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